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Bawah Island, Indonesien


This is We Travel

We Travel is all about responsible travel, made by humans for humans. We sell trips, tours and overnights which are extraordinary:
Personalized and bespoke tours, socially responsible and rewarding for you as a guest and for those who take care of you while visiting. 

Exactly who?  

Jakob Ro Jørgensen, advisor and director

The innovator of We Travel is Jakob because he spent a decade in the travel industry as a product manager, who travelled wide and far to survey tons of hotels, excursions, restaurants and God knows what could become part of a unique travel experience. He resigned because he wanted to make an impact on the future of travel. 

Anders Feldinger, system developer

Anders is taking charge of all things digital, but with a solid record as an experienced traveller. Foundation was laid when Anders' parents moved around South East Asia when he was just a kid. The taste for foreign cultures never left the little geek.

Mikkel Tofte Jørgensen, advisor and communicator

Mikkel is a fetishist with South East Asia. Having spent years travelling, studying, lecturing on and handing out expert advice on South East Asia travels, he has witnessed in real time the weight of the tourist industry on most South East Asian nations. And he is committed to balance the weight for the benefit of the local people and the visitor.

Lars Mathiasen, chairman of the board

Lars is chairman because he is a world traveller by profession and by heart. From Haiti to Zanzibar, from Honduras to Sulawesi, Lars was there. For more than 15 years Lars was owner and director at one of Denmark's most successful travel companies, Nyhavn Rejser. Needless to say, he brings with him a wealth of strategic insight, extensive networks and the urge to unfold yet another great travel business.


Travel can commit to a greater cause just like saving energy or switching to battery-driven cars. Today, travel needs to look out not to become just the topic of overcrowding and beach litter. Today, travel is no longer a just a matter of stars and room service. Today, travel is so full of choices that you need a curator to get something not to full of concrete and indifferent middle men. Authentic travel can still be a luxury item if we travel responsibly. In fact, by asking for responsible travel encounters you actually get the best experience.


We deal directly with hotels and small tour operators.
We develop digital solutions ourselves that integrate across channels and are intelligent.
We redefine the idea of luxury being solemnly a matter of price and stars.  

So how much?

Less that you would think. And more luxurious than you would think. Because you get smaller, more intimate hotels for instance where people actually get to know your name by heart not by instruction. Because going to places less crowded is a rewarding journey for anyone being just a wee bit serious about travel as an adventure. Because giving back to a destination and its people simply leaves you with a good feeling of greater purpose. That’s luxury to us, and it can be in high-end hotels with ambience that stays with you all life, or a modest family-run hotel with ambience so down to earth that it inspires you for the rest of your life. 

Where to? 

South East Asia for a start. An area where we are simply experts. Soon Europe will follow, and when we are up and running we expect to expand to other parts of the world. So please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are a hotel or tour operator with similar vision and values.  

Socially responsible travel?

Can be interpreted in more ways than one. We believe that being local with the locals is a good start. Staying in hotels with roots in the community is a much different experience to staying at a chain hotel that looks the same all over the world. We think authentic travel is what we select for our customers by being socially responsible in how we select the hotels, the tours, the adventures. Socially responsible travel is receiving a heartfelt welcome once you arrive and giving back to the community once you depart.

Hvorfor We Travel?

  • Unikt og ansvarligt

    Vi giver dig bedre og mere unikke oplevelser og går op i, at dit besøg også er en gevinst for lokalbefolkningen.

  • Smil og ekspertise

    Vi giver dig rådgivning med smil, empati og viden, så du får en rejse, der er skræddersyet præcis til dig.

  • Attraktive priser

    Vi har et ekstremt smidigt omkostnings-setup og er derfor ofte billigere end både nettet og konkurrenter.

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